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Vise releases latest features to help advisors navigate market volatility

We’re excited to announce the launch of new features on our platform to help advisors more effectively guide their clients through this volatile market. 

These updates come amid a tumbling stock market, with the S&P 500 experiencing its biggest four-month drop since 1939 at the beginning of the year. This has left many investors rattled and looking to their financial advisors for guidance on navigating the downturn.

As we’ve spoken with our RIA clients over the last few months, we’ve come to understand that their mainly mass-affluent clients (clients with under $1 million in assets) are concerned about a few specific things right now: 

  • Taking advantage of tax savings on losses

  • Being able to access their cash if they need it for a purchase

  • Making sure their investment strategy is aligned with the current market environment.

We built our latest functionality to reflect these investor needs. Here’s a look at what’s new:

Enhanced, more automated tax management

Tax savings are important for investors during times when they may be realizing losses on many of their investments. Our upgraded functionality allows advisors to maximize savings opportunities for every client on Vise’s automated platform. This includes:

  • Automated tax loss harvesting

  • Custom capital-gains budget options, so clients don’t pay more taxes than they want to 

  • Tax aware transitions to the Vise portfolio, enabling clients to onboard with their existing account

Upgraded cash management capabilities 

Cash needs are top-of-mind for clients, especially in a volatile economy with inflation concerns. With Vise’s new features, advisors can reassure their clients that all their cash distribution needs will be met quickly and seamlessly. The enhanced cash-management features allow advisors and their clients to: 

  • Create unique, recurring distributions — as many as they want

  • See all distributions for an account in one place — simple and easy 

  • See the status of all transactions — no more guesswork  

More options to customize clients’ risk/return profile

Since each client has different goals based on their specific financial situation, we’ve improved the ability for advisors to scale how actively they want to tilt portfolios toward factor exposure using the new active tilt setting, enabling further customization of the portfolio’s risk/return profile. With our new features, advisors and clients can:

  • Customize the degree to which the portfolio tilts to factors, or use Vise defaults, for multi-factor or dividend strategies

  • View relevant data and risk metrics across each single-stock asset class over four different time horizons (one-year, five-year, 10-year, 20-year) to understand the impact of different tilt settings

  • Disable active tilting to use a passive, market-cap-weighted single-stock strategy


Clients taking early advantage of these new features have expressed positive feedback. We’re excited to continue tracking how these upgrades, and our platform overall, are helping advisors deliver great results for their clients. Stay tuned for more innovative product updates as we continue to prioritize the additions and improvements our advisors need most.

If you’re interested in learning more about Vise or seeing a demo, please connect with us.

June 14, 2022