Personalized Portfolio ConstructionPersonalized Portfolio Construction

Vise utilizes AI to build personalized portfolios in minutes.

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In Depth Portfolio IntelligenceIn Depth Portfolio Intelligence

Justifications and transparency into each portfolio decision.

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Automated Investment ManagementAutomated Investment Management

Vise manages each of the portfolios individually, based on the client's needs.

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Tax Aware Portfolio DecisionsTax Aware Portfolio Decisions

Vise utilizes market data to execute tax efficient trades.

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Stress-test, Back-test, and SimulateStress-test, Back-test, and Simulate

Test and simulate portfolios through various market environments.

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Personalized Portfolio Construction

Individual Risk Profiles

Create unique risk profiles for every portfolio. Vise takes in portfolio variables such as investment timeframe, target portfolio value, portfolio focus and more. Utilizing these the portfolio is customized for every client, every time.

Customized Portfolio Restrictions

Build out a dedicated strategy by adding or removing specific asset classes, sectors, and even restrict individual securities. Keep your clients from running into compliance issues with their employers by restricting their company stock.

Core Portfolio Strategies

Add in a pre-screened filter to tilt the portfolio towards a growth or value driven approach, or apply an ESG strategy to align your client’s portfolio to their values.

In Depth Portfolio Intelligence

Proactive Advisor Alerts

Advanced machine learning algorithms track security correlations and sentiment across the market, alerting you to changes in conditions. Proactive messaging provides the opportunity to reach out to clients with important updates.

Trade Justifications

Never get caught having to say, "I’ll have to get back to you on that" again. Vise uses cutting-edge natural language processing to create personalized portfolio intelligence for every portfolio action and generates detailed commentary for the advisor.

Automated Investment Management

Tax-Efficient Rebalancing

A fully automated portfolio management engine automatically rebalances every portfolio individually all while considering a variety of factors, including tax efficiency, mean & variance optimization, and even taking into account the effect of fees and trade commissions.

Eliminate Bias from Client Portfolios

Vise works the data better than any human analyst is capable of. With deep correlations between every stock in our universe and every movement in the market, you don’t have to worry about over-exposure due to the latest fad or headline.

Tax Aware Portfolio Decisions

Tax efficient rebalancing

Vise makes tax efficient decisions for every portfolio decision, from portfolio rebalancing to client distributions. Our AI optimizes for after tax outcomes and will give you complete control over your client’s tax bill.

Tax Aware Portfolio Onboarding

Easily transition an existing portfolio into Vise without fear of massive gains exposure, with our proprietary tax-aware process. Vise allows you to cap realized gains in a transitioning portfolio, while allowing the tax loss harvesting to keep chipping away at any gains over time.

Stress-test, Back-test, and Simulate

Full Modeling Capabilities

Review Monte Carlo simulations on every proposed and live portfolio.

Backtest a portfolio risk profile

Our backtesting tool simulates how a client’s risk profile would have performed historically, inclusive of any fees.

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